PowerOLAP Version 16 Enhancements


PowerOLAP® Version 16 is full of enhancements to optimize the performance of the product. It can handle what we’ve come to refer to as “Big Data” and also features a new “Genius Center” that allows us to stay better connected than ever before with our customers. Keep an eye on the Genius Center for Free User Forums and Trainings, as well as the latest news on the PARIS blog.

Listed below is a list of improvements regarding particular uses of PowerOLAP®.

The Calculation Engine

  • Optimized and Improved Formula Engine
  • View formulas and dependencies from selected point in modeler
  • Formula functions HASH, Count, Distinct Count
  • Current User Cube Formula

Excel Functionality

  • Support for x64 Excel
  • Improved OLAPTableWrite functionality

SQL Functionality

  • Unicode support for export to SQL – Asian characters
  • Improvements to scheduler interface for executing SQL from scheduler

User Enhancements

  • Enhancements to cube browsing interface
  • Improved handling of disconnected users on poor network/internet/VPN connection
  • Addition of the PowerOLAP® Genius Center for users to stay current with PARIS Tech and attend free User Forums and Trainings
  • Enhancements to OLAPExchange® Incremental Processing

Licensing Structure

  • User managed licensing allows licenses to be registered/unregistered/moved
  • Client silent installer functionality
  • Removal of named user servers for all concurrent user systems
  • Inclusion of Unlimited Read-only Users, the PowerOLAP® Scheduler, and Windows Authentication with current Maintenance

OLATION® related Improvements

  • Enhanced OLATION® Integration and Client functionality
  • Support for Alias, Properties, and Subset via OLATION®
  • Ability to manage OLATION® cube properties and connection information in PowerOLAP® Modeler