The PowerOLAP Database


A PowerOLAP database is a self-contained file containing Meta Data and Fact Data. Meta Data is used to describe the structure of a multidimensional Cube(s) contained within a database—including a Cube’s dimensions; the Members and the Hierarchy of these Members within a Dimension; Member Aliases; and Cube Formulas. Cubes store Fact Data values at Dimension-member intersection points—much as a worksheet array does (though, in PowerOLAP the array is multidimensional). In short, Meta Data refers to the structure of the Cube, and Fact Data refers to the data values described by your company’s business activities, according to logical dimensions (time, region, product, etc.).

PowerOLAP® uses a single optimized file for storing all data associated with a database, ensuring fast loading and saving, as well as easy distribution. A PowerOLAP database file is identified by the “.olp” file extension.


The Avon Trading Company.olp database provided in the Program Files (x86)\PowerOLAP\Examples folder is used to demonstrate the exercises in this manual. We recommend that you open this file now by following the steps outlined below.

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