The PowerOLAP Add-in Menu and Toolbar


PowerOLAP’s installation automatically creates the necessary add-in components within Excel: a custom PowerOLAP menu commands are added to Excel. Upon starting Excel, the PowerOLAP Excel Plug-in splash screen appears and by going to Excel’s Add-Ins tab the PowerOLAP menu commands and PowerOLAP custom toolbar are presented.

The following figures detail PowerOLAP’s Add-in Menu commands and PowerOLAP’s Excel Toolbar.


The PowerOLAP Add-In Menu appears in Excel (shown boxed below), providing access to PowerOLAP features.

The figure below illustrates the extended Select menu; the next figure is an illustration of the menu with the extended Import menu displayed.

PowerOLAP’s Select menu in Excel

PowerOLAP’s Import menu in Excel

The table below lists the functions provided by the PowerOLAP Add-In Menu along with a brief description of each function.

PowerOLAP Add-In Menu Commands in Excel




Opens a connection to the PowerOLAP application, instead of having to open PowerOLAP from the Start Menu.

Save Current Database In Modeler

Saves any changes you have made in the Excel worksheet back to the dynamically connected PowerOLAP database.

New Slice

Enables you to create reports directly from Excel through the use of OLAPNavigate function.


Enables the selection of Cube names, Dimension names and Member names.

Drill Through

Shows the source of the data value highlighted in Excel.

Edit Formula

Opens the Edit Formula dialog box for creating and modifying PowerOLAP database references.


Enables text files to be imported into PowerOLAP database cubes.

Edit Formula Text

Enables you to edit the text of a database reference.

Job Options

Opens the Add Job dialog box that will allow you to access all existing PowerOLAP Scheduler jobs and execute them directly from the Excel environment.

Task Options

Opens the Add Task dialog box that will allow you to access PowerOLAP cube tasks and execute them directly from the Excel environment.


Launches the PowerOLAP CHM Help File.


The PowerOLAP Add-in Custom Toolbars, shown below, is located within the Excel toolbar area. The toolbar contains buttons that provide point-and-click access to PowerOLAP’s add-in functions.

The table below identifies the function accessed by each button.

PowerOLAP Add-In
Custom Toolbar in Excel



Launch Modeler

New Slice


Select Cube

Select Dimension

Select Members

Edit Formula

Drill Through


All of these buttons (except for the Paste button) correspond to PowerOLAP menu functions outlined earlier (refer to the table PowerOLAP Add-In Menu Commands in Excel). All are covered in detail in the succeeding pages.