Drill-Up/ Drill-Down Aggregate members in Rows and Columns


 To follow with the exercise, you will first need to prepare the slice view as follows:

1.   Open UsingPO.olp database.

2.   Create a new slice.
(In the example, a slice was created out of the Future Year Model cube)

3.   To illustrate the new drilldown functionality, rearrange the Slice as shown below, by selecting World for Region dimension and Total Year for Months dimension.


Aside from configuring the specific row and column members to display from the Edit Slice dialog box you can also do the ff: click on the specifc row/column member that you want to display/delete, right-click and select Keep Selected Members or Delete Selected Members (if you select only a single member then the option will display the specific name of that member).

To Drill-Down

To drill-down do as follows:

1.   Right-click on the row label for Total Year and select Expand Total Year to expand into Quarters.
(Alternatively, you may double-click on Total Year )

As a result, this will expand to display the direct children of the selected aggregate.

2.   Double-click on 1st Quarter to expand into months as shown.

3.   Double-click on World to expand to its next level of Members as shown.

4.   Next double-click on North America to expand it to its next level of Members.

This can be continued to expand to the lowest level of Members.

To Drill Up:

To drill-up do as follows (in this example collapse Aggregates to show original slice structure where data is only for Total Year of World):

1.   Double-click on 1st Quarter so the month Members collapse as shown.

2.   Double-click on Total Year so the Quarters collapse as shown.

3.   Next Double-click on North America so its Members collapse as shown.

4.   Double-click on World to collapse as shown.

The Drill-Through functionality for the Data Cells remains the same as before.

5.   Double-click on data cell (World-Total Year Cell containing 19215.00) and follow the wizard dialog box to view the Drill-Through results.

6.   Click OK. This opens a second window.

This displays the results drilling down the Regions and Months, as shown below:

7.   Close the window.