Create a Clear Cube Task


For this sample exercise, the aim is to delete fact data coming from the Canada Future Year Model Cube.

You can try to open UsingPO database and try to create a slice out of the Canada Future Year Model cube first just to see what data exists in that cube.

To create a Clear cube task:

1.   From the PowerOLAP ribbon, go to Data tab, then in the Data Transfer control group select the Clear Cube command.
The Clear Cube Tasks dialog box is displayed.

2.   To create a new clear cube task, click Add button.
The Select Cube dialog box will be displayed.


3.   Specify a <name> to define the task being created (i.e., Clear Canada FY).

4.   Select a <Cube> to clear the data from using the drop down button. (i.e., Canada Future Year Model)

5.   Select Export to File radio button option.

6.   Select PowerOLAP Import radio button option as the Delimiter.

7.   Click Next button.
The Destination Members dialog box will be displayed.
This is where intersections of data to be cleared should be specified.

This dialog is where you can define specific intersections of data to be cleared, simply by selecting dimensions and picking specific members. However, if you prefer to clear all fact data in the cube, simply proceed to the next dialog and complete creating the task.

For example, in the Canada Future Year Model cube, you want to delete only the Sales amount data for specific months, say January, February and March.

8.   Select a <Dimension> (i.e., Accounts) and pick the appropriate <member> (i.e., Sales).

Next, pick the rest of the Dimensions and members whose intersections you want to clear.

9.   Select Accounts dimension and pick Sales as member.

10. Select Months dimension and pick the members January, February and March.

Once you are done selecting the dimensions and corresponding member intersections to clear proceed to the nex dialog.

11. Click Next.
A summary of the options selected will be displayed in the screen.

12. Click Finish.
The new task is created and will be added in the Clear Cube Tasks dialog box.

13. To process task, simply click the Execute button.
A prompt indicating that the task was successfully completed will appear.

14. Click OK button.

15. Back in the Clear Cube Tasks dialog, click Done to return to main interface.

When you create a slice out of the Canada Future Year Model cube, you will see the data points you have defined are now cleared of any data (zeroed out).