Add New Member to Display Results


Because PowerOLAP® allows you to add new Members to an existing model, you can add Members for displaying results of formulas within existing Cubes. For example, a model containing the Members Revenue and Cost of Sales (and Margin) may be enhanced with a formula that calculates and displays values as Margin % Member, created specifically for this purpose in PowerOLAP®.

Therefore, for the following exercises, the first step is to add a new Member, Margin %, to the Sales Account dimension.

The following figure shows Margin % added to the Sales Accounts dimension; notice that it is not part of the Margin aggregation.



It is not always necessary to create a (new) Member to display formula results. There are instances when you may want a formula that “overwrites” the results of an Aggregate member whose value has no relevance—e.g., for Unit Price X Sales, in an Aggregate member; or for formula Forecast results based on new Actuals, which would otherwise show zeros for upcoming months.