Persistent Calculations – Generate



The Generate Persistent Calculations command, runs through an entire Cube where persistent calculations may be present and repopulates all the values for that particular Cube.


To Generate Persistent Calculations:

1.   In the PowerOLAP ribbon, go to Data tab then in the Persistent Calculations control group, select Generate command.
The Generate Persistent Calculations dialog box appears.

2.   Choose whether to generate persistent calc formulas for All or only Selected cubes by enabling the appropriate radio button. If the Selected radio button is enabled, you must pick the specific cube/s by clicking on the corresponding checkbox.

3.   Click OK.

Regenerate Persistent Calculation is necessary if changes are made to the persistent calculation formulas within a Cube. Once the Cube is built with valid persistent calculations and the persistent calculations are generated, any changes to the data will trigger the necessary persistent calculations.