Disable Security


There may be an occasion when you want to remove all Security from a database. You will need Administrator privileges to proceed as follows:

1.   In the PowerOLAP ribbon, go to Model tab, then in the Security control group select Database Privileges icon or Maintain Database Privileges command.
The Database Security dialog box appears.

2.   Uncheck the Secure Database box
(as shown, boxed in the following figure):

3.   Click OK.

Again, you will receive the message box stating that Security has been changed; you must close (save changes) and re-open the database for this change (i.e., disabling Security) to take effect.

The next time you open the database, there will be no log on requirement (i.e., no User Name and Password requirement) for any user.


Once Security has been disabled, it can be re-instituted (follow steps, Secure Existing Database); the same Security rules will apply, provided no rules were changed when the database was in its unsecured state.