Secure Existing Database


You can institute a Security schema for a database that has already been created. In this scenario, you may have fully created the Meta Data and loaded the most up-to-the-instant Fact Data—but you now want to assign privileges to the various users who will access the database. Before granting those privileges, you must indicate that this will be a Secure Database.

1.   For a database that already exists (e.g., Avon Trading Company), open the database by clicking on File icon and selecting Open Database command and browsing for the database.

2.   In the PowerOLAP ribbon, go to Model tab, then in the Security control group select Database Privileges icon or Maintain Database Privileges command.
The Database Security dialog box appears.

Note that upon opening the database, only the Maintain Database Privileges command is active.

3.   Check the Secure Database box at the top right (shown boxed in the following figure).

4.   Click OK.
The following message box appears:

5.   Click OK.

If you close the database (save changes), then reopen it, use the default User Name Administrator and Password Administrator—which is the only log on that will work now.

You can now begin to create Users, assigning User Names and Passwords in the process, and Groups with various security access parameters (Refer to the subject on Defining User and Groups).