Security Export/Import Feature


The following features are available in a secure database to a User with Administrative privileges. The Security Export/Import functions are grayed out in a database that has no defined security.

With this function, an Administrator may export/import the User/User Group security information; the Meta Data Dimension, Meta Data Cube, and Meta Data Slice information; and the Fact Data security information.

The Export and Import Security functions are found on the Data menu, under Export and Import options.

Export Security

1.   In the PowerOLAP ribbon, go to Data tab then in the Export control group, select Security command.
The Export Security dialog appears

2.   Browse for the directory where you want to save your file and enter a name for the export file (E.g., Export Avon Trading security).

The Cubes are listed on the left and the Dimensions are on the right in their respective list boxes.

Selecting a Cube checks off the Cube’s dimensionality automatically if the Mark Dimension check box is left checked (default). You have the option to individually select Dimensions from the list.

You may opt to export the User and User Group information by checking that check box as well.

3.   From the Cubes and Dimension list box, select specific cubes and dimensions of which security you want to export.

4.   Enable Export Users & Groups check box to export all PowerOLAP users and user group accounts created for the current database.

5.   Provide a <password> consisting of at least 8 characters then re-enter password to confirm.

The password is saved with the file; during import, the user must provide this password in order to successfully import the .sec file.

6.   Click OK to complete export process.

A message prompt indicating that the export security successfully completed will appear. This will generate an export file in .SEC format.

Import Security

To import a .sec file:

1.   From the PowerOLAP ribbon, go to Data tab, then in the Import control group select Security icon or Import Security command.
The Import Data dialog box is displayed.

2.   Browse for a particular .SEC import file.

3.   Enter a valid <password>.

You must provide a minimum 8-character password created during export in order to successfully import the .sec file.

4.   Click OK.

You will get a message prompt that all security data is imported successfully.

However, if there are errors during the import or there are fact and meta security that failed to import into the database, you will be prompted with an error message.

Only applicable fact and meta security, as well as users and user groups, contained in the import file will be imported automatically

Error Logging

During an import, if any errors occurred, a security Error. log is generated in the same directory as the *.sec you are trying to import.


Types of Errors

  • User and User Group Security:

– There may be duplicate Users or Groups trying to be added in.

  • Dimension Meta Security:

– User or User Group may not already exist in the User and User Group list.

– The Dimension does not exist in the PowerOLAP database.

  • Cube Meta Security:

– User or User Group may not already exist in the User and User Group list

– The Cube does not exist in the PowerOLAP database.

  • Cube Fact Security:

– The Cube may not exist in the PowerOLAP database.