Changing the Grid Layout


You can change the layout of the Slice grid by moving Members of a Dimension within the Slice Content list box:

1.   Double-click on the Months dimension in the Column Labels box in your current Slice. The Edit Slice dialog box is displayed.

Currently, Total Year is at the bottom of the Slice Content list box, which corresponds to the rightmost column in the grid (you may need to scroll rightward in the grid to see Total Year). By dragging and dropping Total Year to the top of the list, you can move it to the leftmost column of the Slice:

2.   Select Total Year from the Slice Content list box on the right, then drag and drop it above January.

3.   Click the OK button, , on the toolbar.

You are returned to the Accounts by Months slice, and Total Year is now displayed in the first column of the Slice, as shown in the image below.