Creating a Cube




Using the Dimensions created in the previous exercises you will now create a PowerOLAP Cube that will store and model your data.


For this exercise, you will be creating a new cube and we will name the cube as Current Year Budget.

To create the Cube:

1.   From the PowerOLAP ribbon, go to  Model tab and in the Model control group select the Cubes command.
The Cubes dialog box is displayed.

2.   Type the <cube name>, as in the example, type in Current Year Budget in the Cubes text box.

3.   Click Add.

The Define Cube dialog box appears, in which you select Dimensions to be used by the Cube:

4.   Select the dimensions you want to include in the cube. For this exercise select all of the Dimensions in the Available Dimensions list box by clicking the  button.

All three Dimensions are moved to the Selected Dimensions list box on the right. (Note: You can rearrange the Dimensions in this list box in the order you want them to appear in your Cube simply by dragging and dropping the dimensions.)

5.   Drag Months above Accounts so that Dimension members are ordered as follows:

6.   Click OK. Note that the Current Year Budget cube is now listed in the Cubes dialog box.

All of the Cubes dialog’s buttons on the right are activated. These buttons control functionality associated with Formulas and setting Security privileges—they are covered in depth in the PowerOLAP® User Manual.

7.   Click OK to return to the main application window.

The Current Year Budget cube is now ready for data input.