Selecting Page Members


Set Page Member

Currently you are viewing data for Canada. To view data for other Members defined in the Regions dimension within the Accounts by Months slice—e.g., to change the view from Canada to United States:


1.   With a slice opened, go to the Filter section on the left hand pane then double click on Regions: Canada.

The following Edit Slice dialog box is displayed (in this example, Edit ‘Regions’ for ‘Accounts by Months’):


The Detail member icon to the left of Canada in the Slice Content list box is yellow, indicating that this Member is the currently selected Page member.

You can select any Member in this list box as the Page member to view within the Slice:

2.   Double-click United States in the Slice Content list (in the right hand pane of the dialog box).

The icon beside it is now yellow. You may also select a Page member by selecting a Member on the right hand pane then clicking on the Select Page Member icon, , from the menu bar.

3.   Click the OK button, , on the toolbar, to close the dialog box and return to the Accounts by Months slice.

The current Slice now displays data for United States, which is indicated in the Filter list box, beside Regions (i.e., Regions: United States).