Installation Guide

Table of Contents

1. Pre-Install Preparations and Requirements

2. PowerOLAP MDB Server Installation

2.1 Installing the PowerOLAP MDB Server

2.2 Register and Activate PowerOLAP MDB Server

2.3 PowerOLAP MDB Server Installation for Non-Admin Users

3. PowerOLAP Client Installation

3.1 Location of the PowerOLAP Client Installer

3.2 Installing the PowerOLAP Client

3.3 Register and Activate PowerOLAP Client

3.4 Offline Registration of PowerOLAP Client License

3.5 PowerOLAP Client Installation for Non-Admin Users

4. Additional PowerOLAP Clients Installation

4.1 Types of Additional PowerOLAP Clients

4.2 Installing Additional PowerOLAP Client

5. PowerOLAP Personal Installation

5.1 What is PowerOLAP Personal

5.2 Pre-Installment Preparation for PowerOLAP Personal

5.3 Installing PowerOLAP Personal

5.4 Register and Activate PowerOLAP Personal

6. Set 3GB Startup Switch

6.1 What is 3GB Startup Switch

6.2 How to Set 3GB Startup Switch