Content Area


The Content Area of the main application window is blank until a slice of a PowerOLAP cube has been opened or created. A slice is like a window into the PowerOLAP database file. A slice provides the opportunity to view and model the dimensions and the corresponding data points in a cube. Upon opening or creating a slice, the content area becomes active and displays a slice-view of the selected PowerOLAP cube in a grid-like view, which represents a spreadsheet.

Example of PowerOLAP® application window containing an open Slice

The Content Area can contain multiple Slice-views, allowing you to view data in different Slices of a Cube. PowerOLAP also allows you to view multiple Slices from multiple Cubes. When more than one Slice is open, the Title Bar and Status Bar reflect the state of the active (topmost) slice.

Example of the PowerOLAP® application content area with two Slices open (Cascading view)