Close a PowerOLAP Database


Close Database

The Close Database command, a subcommand under the File command, allows you to close the active database.


To close a PowerOLAP Database:

1.   Select File button, Close Database command.

2.   If any Slices are open, you will be asked if you want to save them.
Click Yes to save the slices, otherwise click No or Cancel.

Note: By default, new and unsaved slices will be named as “Untitled #“. As in the example, the slice view is named as Untitled 1. Selecting Yes, allows users to save and specify a new name for the current slice view.

After you have indicated whether you want to save a Slice (or successive Slices)—or if no Slices were open when you went to close the database—the following message box will appear:

3.   Click Yes to save the changes.
Click No if you do not wish to save any data entries (which you might do for “what if” scenarios) or changes to the database’s Meta Data—Cubes, Dimensions, etc. [All these database components were introduced in the Quick Start manual, and will be discussed in the following pages.]

If you click Yes in this preceding message box, both newly entered Fact Data (figures) and Meta Data changes will be saved to the database.