Create or Save a Dimension Subset


PowerOLAP® allows you to save a Subset of Members—a list that you create—from one interface. This allows you to add, edit, rename, delete saved Subsets in a database.

Saving Subsets is particularly useful if you are working with a large list of Members and often need to see the same defined Subset group(s) of Members. Subsets can also be used in Cube formulas, greatly reducing the potential size and number of formulas. Subsets also enable maintenance of large Member lists and simplify granting security privileges to large groups of people.

To create a Subset:

1.    In the PowerOLAP ribbon, select Model tab, Dimension command.
The Dimensions dialog box appears.

2.   Select the Dimension for which you want to create a Subset of Members— e.g., the Month dimension. Note that whenever you click on any dimension, the dialog buttons become active, among them the button for Subsets (circled below):

3.   Click on the Subsets button.

The Edit Subsets dialog box appears. This interface allows you to Add, Delete, Rename and Edit Subsets within this one dialog box.

4.   Type the <name> you want to give a Subset—        
e.g., Qtrly and Total Year (as shown in the following figure).

5.   Click Add. The Edit Slice dialog box appears.

Initially, there are no Members in the Slice Content box on the right. This is where you will include Members for the Subset.

6.   From the Members list on the left, select Members for the Subset.          
For example, for a Subset named Qtrly and Total Year, select Total Year, QTR1, QTR2, QTR3, and QTR4.

7.   Drag the selected Members to the right-hand box (you can also use the toolbar buttons — these are explained in detail a little further in the text).            
The example group appears as below (note that Total Year was next dragged to the bottom of the list, because logically this is where you might want it to appear).

8.   Click OK button (green checkmark). You are returned to the Edit Subsets dialog box, where the new Subset is listed.

9.   Click OK. You are returned to the Dimensions dialog box.

10. Click OK.

The Subset creation is completed.


Next, to access the Subset, from within a Slice:

1.   In an opened slice, right-click on the row or column label of the dimension that contains the subset (which in our example is Month) then select “Select Month Members…“.
The Edit Slice dialog box appears for that Dimension.

2.   Go to  Members tab.

Notice the drop-down to the left— This list contains all saved Subsets for a corresponding dimension. All is selected as a default.
If you click on this subset dropdown, you will see the Qtrly and Total Year listed. Selecting a particular subset will at the same time refresh the Member list box of the specific dimension members that comprises the subset.

3.   Click on the subset dropdown and select the subset you want to see in the slice (e.g., Qtrly and Total Year).

4.   Click on the Replace current list with selected subset toolbar button. Now the Members appear in the Slice Content list on the right hand pane.

5.   Click OK button (green checkmark) in the Edit Slice dialog box.

The Slice now only displays the members of the Subset selected in the Columns (or Rows).


In sum, saved Subsets are available to view within a Slice via the Subset drop-down list box at the top left of the Member tab in Edit Slice dialog box.

The succeeding topics will quickly review how to use Edit Subsets to Delete, Rename and Add or Remove Members.