Rearranging Dimensions within a Slice


The current Slice of the selected Cube can be rearranged at any time. You may move Dimensions between the Page, Row and Column in order to view data according to the “multidimensional perspective” you want. When you drag and drop Dimensions into the Rows or Columns, the rows and columns in the PowerOLAP grid are updated accordingly. Dropping a Dimension into the Page section will update the grid by defaulting to the first Member, or a previously highlighted Member, in the Dimension list.

For the succeeding examples, the objective is to configure the slice wherein the positions of the dimensions are as follows:


Dimension (Member/s)

Page/ Filter

Region (USA)
Month (January)


Sales Account (All)


Product (All)


Re-arranging dimensions in a Default Slice view

This example will demonstrate how to rearrange the dimensions in the Default Slice view. To reconfigure the dimensions in the slice:

1.   First, move Month dimension to Page. To do this, left-click and hold on the row label corresponding to Month dimension  then drag and drop to Page section.

Notice that whenever you hold left-click on a row, column or page label the cursor changes into a ‘drag and drop cursor’ (arrow pointer with a little box as in the preceding image ).

2.   Next, move Product dimension to Rows. To do this, left-click and hold on the Page label corresponding to Product dimension then drag and drop to rows.

3.   Press F9.

Notice, in the following figure, how PowerOLAP has rearranged the Rows and Columns in the grid. Note that by placing Month in the Page, you are looking at the January “page”; and now, down the rows, you see all Product members throughout the model.


Re-arrange dimensions in a Traditional Slice view

This next example will demonstrate how to re-arrange the dimensions in the Traditional Slice view.

The difference of this particular slice view display is that the slice window is separated into two panes. The left hand pane, which is further divided into three parts: Page (or Filter), Column Labels and Row Labels list box, gives users the idea which Dimensions and corresponding members are actually displayed on the page, rows and columns. At the same time, it is in the left hand pane where users can move and reconfigure the positions of the dimensions in a slice. The right hand pane, on the other hand, is the grid which shows the actual values or figures that is contained in each data point.

To reconfigure the dimensions in the slice:

1.   First, click and drag the Month dimension from the Row Labels list box to the Page or Filter list box

Now, there will be three dimensions in the Page or Filter Box, and none on the Row Labels list box.

2.   Next, drag and drop the Product dimension to Row Labels list box.

3.   Press F9.

Again, since the Month dimension was moved into Page, the information that will be displayed on the slice applies to the month January, which is the first member or the top most member for the Month dimension. Down the rows, all the product members are displayed by default.