Select Page Members Using Edit Slice




Set Page Member

In a slice view, you can only set one “Page member” for all Page dimensions, and this defaults to the first member in the dimension list of the corresponding dimension. To select a different page member other than the default, you need to access the Edit Slice dialog box and use the Set Page Member feature.


In the following exercises, you will access the Edit Slice dialog box to change the way data is displayed in a Slice. At the end of this section is a SUMMARY of the Edit Slice Toolbar, which shows all toolbar buttons and explains their functions. The terms Dimension, Member, Hierarchy and the particular relationships among Members are discussed in this section. If these OLAP concepts are not clear, please review the Introduction to PowerOLAP® section for clarification before proceeding.


Firstly, an example of how to select an individual Page Member to view from within the Edit Slice dialog box is as follows (For this exercise, use the Region dimension):

1.   Double click on a particular Page dimension (e.g., Region).
This will automatically bring up the Edit Slice dialog box.


Alternatively, you can right-click on a particular Page dimension to show up a list of members that makes up that dimension. Select the … (ellipsis) and similarly, this will launch the Edit Slice dialog box.

2.   In the Edit Slice dialog box, click on a different Member in the Slice Content list box (the right pane), e.g., North America.

3.   Click the Set Page Member button.

4.   Click the OK button (green checkmark).

5.   Press F9 to update and return to the Slice.

The active Slice now displays data for the Page member you selected. (Re-select USA as the Member shown to continue the example.)


Other ways to set the page member is by accessing the Edit Slice dialog and double clicking on a different dimension member in the Slice Content list box.

A much simpler way is directly from the Slice view, right click on the pertinent Page dimension, which in turn will bring up a list of the members for that dimension, and select a different member. The only drawback for this particular method though is that this is not applicable if you are working on a dimension that consists of a large number of members since the right click menu that will come up will only list a certain number of members.  

Edit Slice dialog box

The title bar of the Edit Slice dialog box indicates both the Dimension being edited (‘Region‘) and the name of the Slice itself (‘Sales Account by Month’).

The left-hand pane contains the Member/Hierarchy list box for the selected Dimension—note the two tabs, which will access the Member list and the Member Hierarchy; either can be used to access a page Member (or group of Members, if you are using the dialog box to find Members for rows or columns). The right-hand pane, the Slice Content list box, will reflect the Members shown in the Slice grid when you exit the dialog box.

The Edit Slice dialog box provides numerous means to re-arrange or delete Members in the Member list box.

Note that Page dimensions have a default Member because Page dimensions only display one Member’s data at a time—a Slice shows data for this single Member when it is opened. This Member is indicated by a yellow highlighted icon in Slice Content box (e.g., USA, in the example) on the right hand pane.


Rearranging/deleting Members from the Edit Slice dialog box does not affect the Members or data in the database.