Select Row or Column Members Using Edit Slice


As we have just seen, you can change the single Member in the Page section to alter a Slice view. Likewise, you can modify Members that are displayed in rows and columns. Note first that the default Slice displays ALL Members within the Rows and Columns dimensions.

Figure: Months are displayed in rows and Sales Account members are displayed in Columns

The grid contains the full array of Members in its Rows and Columns headings. However, perhaps you need only to see data for specific Members of these row and column dimensions. For example, all members for the Month dimension are displayed but you might want to view only monthly data.

To pick a Row or Column member:

1.   Right-click on the Row or Column label that you want to edit
(For this example use the Month dimension on rows)

2.   In the right click menu that shows up, click on “Select Month Members“.
This will bring up the Edit Slice dialog box.

3.   Click the Clear All button,  on the right-hand toolbar.  
Note that all the Members are cleared in the Slice Content list box.

4.   Select either the Members tab or the Hierarchy tab on the left.

5.   Select a group of Members (you can use CtrlSelect or ShiftSelect) that you want to see – e.g., the months (January  December).

6.   Click the Add Selected Members button. This will add the highlighted members into the Slice Content list box—as shown in the example figure that follows:
(Alternatively, you may simply drag the highlighted selection into the Slice Content list box on the right)

7.   Click the OK button (green checkmark).

The Slice now shows the data for the selected Members for the Dimension; in the example, this is the twelve months, along rows:

You can try this for the Columns as well—double-click on the Sales Account: All text in the Columns box and select only one or two of the Members—when you return to the Slice it will show your selected view.


When you remove Members using the Delete key or Clear All button, PowerOLAP does not delete the Members, or their data, from the database. Deleting Members from the Slice Content list box merely alters the way the Slice will ultimately appear on-screen.


To continue with the example, close the Slice without making changes, then reopen Sales Account by Month from the Sales cube.