Slice Display Outputs


 As previously mentioned, the PowerOLAP data can be displayed using two different slice display outputs, there is what we call the Default Slice and Traditional Slice outputs.

Default Slice View

When you initially install then launch PowerOLAP, once you create a Slice, you will see your data displayed through the Default Slice view, as seen in the screenshot above. In this Slice display type, all the Page or Filter fields are displayed on top of the table-like structure, consisting of rows and columns,  which contains your fact data. Double-clicking on the Page or Filter fields (in the above image, the filter fields are Regions and Product dimensions) will bring up the Edit Slice dialog that will enable you to select a different Dimension member to display (for example, you want to display data for the Region Canada instead of USA). Right-clicking on either the Row and Column Labels will display several right-click menu or commands which can be used when working or configuring the Slices.


Traditional Slice View

The Traditional Slice view is the original slice formatting in PowerOLAP. This Slice consists of a left hand pane which is divided into 3 sections: (1) the Filter list box, (2) Column Labels list box and the (3) Row Labels list box. The right hand pane, on the other hand, contains a table-like or grid-like structure which will return the fact data corresponding to the dimensions selected or the slice configuration.


To use the Traditional Slice display do as follows:

1.   In the PowerOLAP ribbon, go to Home tab, then in the View control group tick or check the Traditional Slice check box (see boxed item in the image below).

2.   Go to Slice Tab and create or open a Slice.
The newly created or opened slice is now in the Traditional Slice format.

To go back to the Default Slice format, simply uncheck the Traditional Slice checkbox option.