Executing PowerOLAP Scheduler Jobs in Excel


The Jobs Options submenu allows a user to access all existing PowerOLAP jobs and perform or execute those scheduler jobs right from excel without having to open the PowerOLAP® Scheduler application. The Job Options can be found under the PowerOLAP command menu.


For this feature to work, you must open an Excel spreadsheet that has a connection to the ANY PowerOLAP database. All existing PowerOLAP® Scheduler jobs will be accessible regardless of which PowerOLAP database connection is being used by the user.

Selecting the Job Options will launch the Add Job dialog.

The Add Job dialog box contains a list of available jobs defined in the PowerOLAP® Scheduler. A user can select and execute any of the Scheduler Jobs listed in the Jobs list box simply by selecting them and clicking on the Execute button.

Detailed below are the components of the Add Job dialog box followed by a brief description of what each item does:

  • The List box will display all existing PowerOLAP Scheduler Jobs.
  • The Execute button performs or executes the currently selected job.
  • The Add button appends or inserts a button to the Excel file which when selected will automatically perform or execute a job created in the PowerOLAP Scheduler.

For instance, a user wants to manually execute a scheduled Job that will export all fact data of another PowerOLAP database. This can be done by performing the succeeding steps.

To Execute a Job:

1.   From the Excel ribbon, go to Add-Ins tab then select PowerOLAP command menu then Job Options
The Add Job dialog box appears.

2.   Select a Job (i.e. Export Fact Data) from the list box.

3.   Select Execute. A PowerOLAP message box will inform users of a successful job execution.


Only one job can be executed at a time.

Error Message will be shown if the job execution is unsuccessful. A sample error message is shown in the following:

Doing so will carry out and perform the Job, and will create the corresponding export files to the directory or destination defined for that particular Scheduler Job.

By clicking on the Add button, it will insert an Excel button in the spreadsheet which when selected will also perform the Scheduler Job.