Setting New Slice Options


Expand Children Below Parent

1.   Click on an aggregate member (e.g., 1st Quarter).

2.   By clicking on the menu item PowerOLAP in the Add-Ins tab of the Excel ribbon, and choosing Options menu command, the following dialog box appears:


Changes are activated when a new Slice has been opened.

3.   By choosing the Expand Children Below Parent checkbox and clicking OK, then expanding the aggregate member, the children of the Hierarchy are listed below the parent as shown in the figure below.

Indent Children on Rows


When this option is enabled, when you double click or expand the 1st Quarter hierarchy, the children members appears indented as displayed below:

Aggregate Label Formatting

Choosing this option causes the Change button to become enabled.

By clicking the Change button, the following dialog box appears:

An Example of a Slice with formatted aggregate labels is shown below.

Detail Label Formatting

By clicking on this checkbox, the Change button becomes enabled.

By clicking the Change, button the following dialog box appears:

An Example of a formatted detail label is shown below. Note: In this case the Row labels have been converted to Column headers.

Use OLAPReadWrite formulas

By choosing the Use OLAPReadWrite formulas the path ‘=OLAPReadWrite’ will be activated upon opening a new Slice.

See example path screen shot below:

Center Column Labels

This is simply a formatting option that centers column labels on the Excel spreadsheet. See option menu below:

Define Servers

Clicking on Define Servers button brings up the following Add Server dialog box.

You can add MDB servers for selection, for the client to access the server databases.

Hide Nested Members

Selecting this option “Hide Nested Members” hides the Members from display.

See the difference in the succeeding screenshots below where the other uses the Hide Nested Member option and the other does not:

Example Slice with Nested Members

Example Slice with Nested members and using the Hide Nested Members option


“Leave PowerOLAP Add-Ins installed after closing sheets” Option:

When this option is selected, it improves speed performance when opening published Excel worksheets.