Cube Properties


The Properties button in the Cubes dialog allows users to set cube property options for a specific cube.


To view cube properties:

1.   From the Cubes dialog, select a particular cube.

2.   Click on the Properties button. The Cube Properties dialog appears.

As a result, this will display some of the properties that have been configured for your cube.

The Dimensions list box of this dialog displays the dimension components of the currently selected cube.


The following options are the features you can set up for your cube AFTER cube creation:


Whereas the items below are the options that are set DURING cube creation:

  • OLAP Exchange Cube
    – This check box is marked if the cube selected is an OLAP Exchange cube or, in other words, a cube that was created via OLAP Exchange®.
  • Numeric Only Cube
    – When this check box is marked, only numerical values can be entered as fact data into the cube. This applies to both regular PowerOLAP cubes and OLAP Exchange cubes. This indicates that the Numerical Data Only option had been enabled in the Define Cube dialog during PowerOLAP cube creation, or it was enabled in the Create Cube From Relational Source dialog during an OLAP Exchange cube creation.


The check box options OLAP Exchange Cube and Numeric Only Cube are grayed out, meaning, these options cannot be selected or changed after they have already been configured.


OLATION Cube Configuration section

This section becomes active when the currently selected cube is created via the Olation Linked Cube process. This section contains information about the relational source and corresponding relational security as well as the Olation database and corresponding Olation security from which the Olation cube created in PowerOLAP is connected to.