Member Properties



Properties allow you to “tag” Members in a Dimension with pertinent information. Properties differ from Aliases in that a property does not uniquely identify a Member—i.e., a Property name may be repeated for two or more Members.

A Property belongs to a Property group for a Dimension. A Property group is the way you can categorize similar properties across an entire Dimension.

A Member’s properties can be displayed on a linked Excel worksheet for additional information about a Member, in your reports.

Additionally, the Functions in the Fx Formula dialog box in PowerOLAP® can make use of Properties in place of individual Member names in formula construction. Using Properties in formulas can greatly reduce the number of formulas needed for a calculation. (See Cube Formulas and Dependencies, and Advanced Reference Materials)

To modify/view Properties:

1.   In the PowerOLAP ribbon, select Model tab then Dimension command.

2.   Select a Dimension. Here we will look at the Salesperson dimension.

3.   Selecting the Properties button,  will open the Property Groups dialog box. All Members in the Dimension are listed, much like the Alias Groups dialog box. You have the ability to create Property Groups and create Members properties, as pictured below:

4.   Type the appropriate properties, then click OK when finished.

5.   Back in the Dimension Hierarchy dialog, click OK button (green checkmark) then OK in the Dimensions dialog.