Model Dimensions

Dimensions Toolbar Button

The Dimension command, found on the Model tab, allows you to create, modify and delete Dimensions in a currently open database.


Create Dimension

1.   In the PowerOLAP ribbon, select Model tab then Dimension command.
The Dimension dialog box appears.


In the figure above, there are 10 Dimensions. The Dimensions text box is at the top of the dialog box. Dimension names are displayed in the list box, below the text box. (If you have created a new database and are entering Dimensions for the first time, the dialog box will be empty.)

2.   Type <new Dimension name> in the Dimensions text box. For the Avon Trading Company, we can add the dimension Salesperson.

3.   Click the Add button.

The new Dimension is created, and its name added to the list box.



You can press Enter to Add dimensions to the list box, instead of clicking on the Add button with the mouse.

Rename Dimension

Name changes can be made to a Dimension at any time.

You can modify a Dimension name without losing its defined Members and Hierarchies or any data referenced by its Members. However, changing Member or Dimension names requires that you edit any associated formulas.


You must have the required security privileges to modify a Dimension.

To modify the name of a Dimension:

1.   In the PowerOLAP ribbon, select Model tab, Dimension command.

2.   Select the Dimension name to be modified.

3.   Enter <modified Dimension name> in the text box.

4.   Click the Rename button.

5.   Click OK when complete.

Delete Dimension

The Delete button within the Dimension dialog box allows you to delete a Dimension from the current database. If the Dimension is part of the Meta Data of a Cube, the application will display a warning message that it is being used.

To delete a Dimension:

1.   In the PowerOLAP ribbon, select Model tab, Dimension command.

2.   Select the Dimension to be deleted.

3.   Click the Delete button. If the Dimension is in use by any Cubes, the following message is displayed:

4.   Click OK to return to the Dimensions dialog box.