Persistent Members



 Mark Member as Persistent

The Persistent feature can be used ONLY when you are using PowerOLAP’s OLAP Exchange® component (see OLAP Exchange® section). This feature allows you to tag a Member that has been created in PowerOLAP® to “persist” through an OLAP Exchange Rebuild of a Cube. A Member marked as Persistent will not be deleted in the Rebuild.


The procedure to make a Member Persistent is as follows:

1.   In the PowerOLAP ribbon, select Model tab then Dimension command.

2.   Select a Dimension (E.g., Salesperson).

3.   With a Dimension member highlighted, click on the Mark Member as Persistent button.
In the sample exercise, the member selected under the Salesperson dimension is Philippe Mayer.

The icon in front of the Member name will be shaded (blue onscreen), as below:

4.   Click OK button (green checkmark) and then OK again in the Dimensions dialog.