Dynamic Multidimensional Graphs


 The Graph Shortcut menu options are briefly described in the following pages.

The dialog boxes associated with some of the commands are shown.

When you select “General Settings” from the graph’s shortcut menu, the following dialog box appears. You can set the various settings to customize the graph.

General settings option

Alarm Zones option

You can set the alarm zones using this dialog box.

Header Option

Set the Graph header using this dialog box.

Footer Option

Set the Graph Footer using this dialog box.

Legend Option

Set the Graph Legend using this dialog box.

Series Option

Set the Graph series characteristics using this dialog box.

X-Axis Option

Set the Graph X-Axis using this dialog box.

Y-Axis option

Set the Graph Y-Axis using this dialog box.

Show Marker Option

Set the “Show Marker” using this option.

Two red lines create the marker as shown.

Show Value Option

Set the “Show Marker” and “Show value” using this option as shown.

Print Graph

Use this option to print the graph.

Save As Option

You can save the file in .jpg or .png file formats.

  • Save as .jpg  file;
  • Save as  png file: