Window, Tiled or Cascading Slices


 If you have multiple Slices opened, the most recent one opened or the active Slice will be displayed on top of the others in the content area of the PowerOLAP® interface.You can alternate activating and viewing open Slices by selecting from the different window arrangements accessible from either the Home or Slice tabs of the PowerOLAP ribbon.

Tiled and Cascading windows allows multiple Slices to be opened and easily accessible for viewing.




Cascade arranges the windows containing different Slices to be stacked one on top of the other so that you can see the title bar or another portion of the window behind the top, active window.





Tile arranges the open windows so that each window is allotted an equal portion of the screen. This is useful for comparing Slice information and seeing the effect of updated data on other Slices instantaneously. You may adjust the size of each window.


To activate a different Slice, simply click on a different window.

To change the window display of the Slices:

1.   With at least two Slices open, select a Slice, if one is not currently selected.

2.   Go to PowerOLAP ribbon, Home or Slice Tab, and select the desired window display (I.e., Tile or Cascade) from the Windows control group.

Tiled and cascading windows may be used to view Slices from different Cubes. To deactivate the Tile or Cascade views, just maximize the window you want to view.