Export Slice Fact Data


Fact Data can also be exported from a Slice. Exporting Fact Data from a Slice will also result in a flat, delimited text file being written to a chosen folder or network location.

1.   Select Slice, Open or proceed with a currently opened Slice.
(The following example is a previously configured Slice,        
Yearly UnitCost and Price
, from the Products cube).

2.   In the PowerOLAP ribbon, go to Data tab then in the Export control group, select Slice command and choose either Text or PowerOLAP (for this example, select PowerOLAP).
The Export Slice dialog appears.

3.   You can use the default name, Yearly UnitCost and Price.txt,
or type a <file name> and use the Browse button to choose the path where you want to save the file.

4.   Select Tab, Comma, Period or Other as the file delimiter.

5.   Click OK.

The file is exported-there is no dialog box alert confirming the export.


Attempts to export large data sets through the Export Slice feature may not complete successfully. To export large data sets ranging in size up to a full database, use the Export Fact Data or Export Database feature.


Export Slice Fact Data Script

The format of the Slice Fact Data is substantially the same as the Cube Fact Data export script, shown previously.

Figure above: Sample Slice Fact Data Script – PowerOLAP option


Figure above: Sample Slice Fact Data Script – Text option