Exporting Meta Data & Fact Data


The Export feature of PowerOLAP® offers a simple, accurate and instantaneous way for transferring data between models. There are instances where you will need to use and setup the same metadata structure of an existing model, and copy it into another. This can be tedious and may take up a lot of time especially when dealing with models which inlvolves a huge number of dimensions, dimension members and cubes with many defined dimension and cube attributes. In such cases, instead of going through the whole process of building the needed meta data components and other attributes into the other database, with just a few clicks you can easily export the particular metadata you need into a text file, and use that file to import the metadata structure into any other database that you want.

Furthermore, you can also copy the meta and fact data securities that have been defined from one database into another.

The ensuing discussions will demonstrate how simple it is to perform an export task.


In order to follow through the exercises, we recommend users to access the Avon Trading Company database.