Import From a Tab-Delimited Text File in Excel 


You can import data from .txt files created in Excel.  The file must take the same structural form as the Slice into which it will be imported.

To import a .txt tab-delimited text file:

1.   Open Excel.

2.   Choose PowerOLAP, Import and then Import to set Import File.

Note: In Excel 2003 PowerOLAP menu is found in the Menu bar. In Excel 2007 and above, PowerOLAP is found in the Add-ins tab under the Menu Commands control group of the Excel ribbon.

3.   Using the Import file dialog box, locate the tab delimited text file you want to import and click Open.

4.   Back in the Import file dialog box, click OK.

You can now process each successive line of the file or the entire file.

To process one line at a time:

    Select PowerOLAP, Import  Process Next Line.

To process the entire file:

     Select PowerOLAP, Import  Process Entire File.

PowerOLAP stores the data in the currently opened Slice.