Setting Cache Levels



There is a caching threshold or a cost that PowerOLAP® applies to each calculation. Once that cost of performing certain calculations exceeds a certain number, then the values are put in the cache.

How to set the Cache Level

To set the cache level do the following:

1.   In the PowerOLAP ribbon, select Home tab then in the Edit control group select Options command.
The Options dialog box appears.

Options dialog box will be displayed as shown below:

2.   Move the cache slider indicator to the right to increase the level,
moving or sliding to the left would set it to a lower level.



3.   Click OK to close the dialog.

What does caching level do?

Say a high caching value sets threshold at 500 units of calculations. In various calculations where the formula is pure aggregation, once they exceed 500 units of calculation, the values will be placed into the cache.

When setting the cache level to low, the cost may be changed into a thousand units of calculation. PowerOLAP® is going to cache a value once the unit cost exceeds a thousand, in this case, fewer values will be cached.

Implications of this are, number one, when a user is caching, the time it takes to write something into the cache must be taken into consideration: Caching all values is not always an optimized model. In other words, having a high cache is not always ideal for performance. In most instances, users would probably want to cache as much as user can, but there are specific instances where actually caching fewer values is more optimal than caching more.