PowerExcel Login Prompt when UAC is enabled



The following procedure can only be performed by an Administrator or users that has an Administrator account.

To remove PowerExcel login prompt when working on a machine where User Account Control (UAC) is enabled:

1.   Go to the system32 (or on x64 machine syswow64).

2.   Search for the file “PowerOLAPExcel.ini”.

3.   Right click on “PowerOLAPExcel.ini” file and select Properties.

4.   In the dialog that appears, select the Security tab and hit Edit button
(Accept UAC Prompt to Continue).

5.   In the Group or User names window, select group Users.

6.   In the lower window “Permissions for Users” select Full Control.

7.   Select Apply.

8.   Select Yes to Windows Security Prompt.

9.   Select OK on all open dialogs.

Now, relaunch Excel and the PowerExcel will now function properly.