Activate PowerOLAP® Personal

Follow the steps below to install PowerOLAP® Personal product.

1.   Start the PowerOLAP® Personal application from the Start menu.

IMPORTANT: You must open the application as an administrator.
To do this, right click on PowerOLAP® Personal and select ‘Run as administrator’ option.

When you initially launch the software, you will be prompted with the Create New License dialog. Completely fill out the required information in this form .

2.   Completely fill out the form.

3.   After providing the required information, click on the Submit button.
The License Codes dialog box will appear next.

Once you have submitted the form, PARIS Technologies will send you a License ID and password via the email you have indicated in the form. You will use this License ID and password to activate your PowerOLAP Personal product

4.   Check the email from PARIS Technologies and take note of the License ID and password .

5.   Enter the License ID and password in the License Codes dialog.

6.   Once the keys are entered, click OK.

The PowerOLAP Personal product is now activated.

If you wish to check out the features enabled for the PowerOLAP Personal software, you can go to PowerOLAP Home tab →  Options → Licensing.