PowerOLAP® MDB Server Installation for Non-Admin Users

PowerOLAP server is designed in such a way that only the Windows administrator users are allowed to operate the server control program. We do not recommend that the end-users (non-administrator users) manipulate PowerOLAP Server.

If the Windows user is not a local Administrator, make that windows user an administrator temporarily until you have completed the steps indicated below:
(This can be done by making the user a member of the Local Administrator group)

To Install:

1.   Login the workstation as Administrator user.

2.   Locate the installation file for PowerOLAP Server then right click and select 
Run as administrator.

3.  Launch PowerOLAP Service Control Program from the Start menu and then select Run as Administrator.
This will open the PowerOLAP Service Control Program.

     Next, register PowerOLAP® Server license.

Register via PowerOLAP® Server:

1.   In the From the PowerOLAP Service Control Program, go to Edit menu and select Options command.
The Preferences dialog box appears.

2.   Click the License Server button.
The License Codes window will appear.

3.   Enter a valid <License ID> and <Password> provided by PARIS Technologies.

4.   Click OK.

5.   Restart the server for the licensing to take effect.

The Windows non-administrator users are allowed to open and close database, but they cannot start and stop PowerOLAP® server neither from Server Control Program nor Services.