PowerOLAP® Server License Registration



The next steps will require you to have access to the internet for browser/email—for example, via a smart phone—and be able to communicate information between the two machines (the “install machine,” i.e., on which the Server is to be registered and the connected machine)

To Register PowerOLAP Server Offline:

1.   Launch the PowerOLAP Service Control program from the Start Menu.

IMPT: You must run/open the application as an administrator. To do this, right click on PowerOLAP Service Control Program icon and select ‘Run as administrator‘ option.

2.   Start the Server. The PowerOLAP Server status must be ‘Running’ to enable you to license it: click Start.

3.   From the PowerOLAP Server Control Program interface, select Edit menu, then Options command.

      The Preferences dialog box appears. This dialog box displays the licensing details of the server.

4.   Click the License Server button (boxed button in the preceding image, top right). The License Codes window will appear.

5.   Enter a valid License ID and password (reference your PowerOLAP licensing document).

6.   Once the keys are entered, click Offline (circled above).

       A dialog box will appear—Advanced Licensing (see next image).

7.   Copy the web site address that appears near the top of the Advanced Licensing dialog (circled in the preceding image) and go to it in a browser on your connected machine.

      Note also the Computer Code below it (in the smaller circle, below it).

You will be taken to a page that looks like the below image.

8.   Again, enter your License ID and Password (reference your PowerOLAP licensing document—and the same as Step 5).

9.   Also, enter the Computer Code into the text box named Entry Code 1.

10.Click Submit.

      You will next see a web page with a long sequence of numbers and characters (see next image).

11. Copy the text and, by whatever means available, transmit it to the “non-connected” machine where you are installing the Server.

12. Paste it into blank/white area of the Advanced Licensing dialog.

      The image below shows the area in which to paste the long text–circled.

13. Click OK.

14. Click OK in the License Codes dialog (image below).

       You will be prompted to stop and start the Server for the license to take effect.

This completes the offline license registration of PowerOLAP® Server software.