Register and Activate PowerOLAP® Scheduler

In order to take advanatge of the benefits provided by the PowerOLAP® Scheduler feature, you will first need to license and activate the application.

To License your PowerOLAP® Scheduler:

1.   Go to Start menu, ProgramsPowerOLAP then selecting PowerOLAP Scheduler. This will launch the PowerOLAP Scheduler user interface.

2.   Start the PowerOLAP Scheduler Service by clicking on Start button.

3.   Right-click on the Title Bar of the Scheduler window and select License option, as shown in the succeeding image.

This will display the Options dialog, which is where you can register your PowerOLAP Scheduler application and where the information and features enabled corresponding to your current license is displayed.

There are several options for registering your software, the easiest is via internet.

4.   Click on the By Internet button.

5.   Enter the <license> ID and <password> .