Register an Activate the PowerOLAP® Server

The following pages assume internet connectivity for the machine(s) on which you perform the PowerOLAP installation and registration. If that is not the case, see the topic Offline Licensing of PowerOLAP Server for procedure on offline registration of the software.

The Product Key or License ID is not required for installing the software, but after the installation, you will need to activate the software using a License ID and Password.  This activates the product features and allows for permanent use of the software.

To Register the PowerOLAP Server:

1.   Launch the PowerOLAP Service Control Program from the Start Menu.

IMPT: You must run/open the application as an administrator. To do this, right click on PowerOLAP Service Control Program icon and select ‘Run as administrator‘ option.

2.   Start the Server. The PowerOLAP Service status must be running to enable you to license the software.
Note: If Server is not started, click Start button.

3.   From the PowerOLAP Server Control Program interface, select Edit menu, then Options command.

      The Preferences dialog box appears. This dialog box displays the licensing details of the server.

4.   Click the License Server button (boxed button in the preceding image, top right). The License Codes window will appear.

5.   Enter a valid License ID and password (reference your PowerOLAP licensing document).

6.   Click OK.

7.   Restart the PowerOLAP Server. You will be prompted to stop and start the server for the license to take effect.

And if you did not exceed your licensed number of installs, your software is activated immediately. The new licensing details will now show up on the Preferences dialog box which includes the features enabled for your software license. The Features section of the dialog box will have the appropriate functionality checked and enabled as according to your license. (Note that prior to registration, the check boxes under this section is not marked)

This completes the PowerOLAP® Server software activation.

Changing the User Running the PowerOLAP Service


In the event you attempt to license the PowerOLAP® Server and it does not retain the license, change the service to start as an administrator account, then stop and start the service, and register the license. If you continue to have difficulty contact PARIS support.

Instructions for troubleshooting Server licensing

When licensing PowerOLAP Server on Windows 2008 Server, Windows 7, or Vista and then you experience trouble or are continually prompted to re-register try the following:

[A]  Turn off UAC (User Account Control) which typically requires a reboot. Then register the license again.

[B]  Change the user account used to run the PowerOLAP Server from the default “Local System” account to an Administrator account.
To do this, follow the procedure below:

1.   Go into Control PanelAdministrative Tools, and then Services.

2.   Locate PowerOLAP Service then right click on it, and then go to Properties.

3.   In the PowerOLAP Server Properties dialog box that will appear, go to the Log On tab.

4.   Change from Local System account to This account. Enter the account information for a user who has Administrative privileges and Apply the changes.

5.   Try registering the license again.