Uninstall Old Versions of PowerOLAP® Client


Enumerated below are the preparation or tasks to be done before proceeding with the uninstallation of PowerOLAP®Designer Client.


Pre-uninstall Tasks:

1.   First, save any PowerOLAP database you have opened on the server.

2.   After saving the database(s) close the database. In the PowerOLAP main application window, select  File button and Close database command.
You may want to make optional, backup copies of the databases.

3.   Stop the PowerOLAP service either from the Server Control Program; or
access the Control Panel>Administrative>Tools>Services then look for the PowerOLAP Service and then STOP the service.


PowerOLAP® Client Software Installation Procedure:

1.   Start with locating the installation file for the PowerOLAP Client then run the Setup.exe.
      Alternatively, you may go to Control Panel→ Add or Remove Programs →then follow the prompts.

2.   Select Remove.

3.   Click Next.

4.   Click Yes when asked if you want to completely remove the selected application.


This completes the PowerOLAP Client uninstall.