PowerOLAP® MDB Server Installation


You must be logged in as a user with Administrator or equivalent rights to install PowerOLAP® Software.

Pre-installation Reminders

Before you Begin, Please Note:

  • Please be sure that the PowerOLAP® application and Microsoft Excel application are closed before installing/uninstalling.

Steps for PowerOLAP® Server Installation

1.   Locate the installation file for PowerOLAP.     

(In the example image below the destination of the Setup.exe or the installation file is in C:\Server.)

2.   Double click the Setup.exe, to run the installation file. The install process will begin.

3.   Click Next at the Installation Welcome Screen.

4.   Read the License Agreement and select I accept.

5.   Click Next.

6.   Similarly, read the Maintenance Agreement and select I accept.

7.   Click Next.

8.   Enter the desired User Name and Company Name in the appropriate boxes.

9.   Click Next.

10. Click Next at the Destination Folder Screen. Accept the default target directory.

11. Click Install to begin the installation.

12. In the last screen, select the ‘Yes, I want to restart my computer now’ radio button to restart the computer and click Finish to close the installation.

This completes the PowerOLAP Server installation. Next, activate the PowerOLAP Server.

Directories and Program Icons Created


The Server Installation creates C:\Program Files (x86)\PowerOLAP Server directory. It has subdirectories as shown:

Note: The subdirectory PowerOLAP® contains the setup.exe file for the PowerOLAP® client installation. You can access this file directly on the local network, or access it online from the PowerOLAP® Web Server home page.

The installation also creates a menu item for the PowerOLAP® Server Control Program in the Windows Start Menu.

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