Adding Members to Dimensions

Create New Member

Dimensions are composed of Detail and Aggregate member types. Detail members “add up” to Aggregate members. For example, in the Months dimension you would make January, February, March (all Detail members) add up to 1st Quarter (Aggregate member).


To add Members to a Dimension:

1.   From the PowerOLAP ribbon, go to Model tab then in the Model control group select the Dimensions command.
You are returned to the Dimensions dialog box.

2.   Select Months then click Edit button.
This brings up the Dimension Hierarchy dialog.

Alternatively, you may simply double-click on Months to open the dialog.

The Months dimension is currently selected for editing, as indicated in the Dimension Hierarchy dialog box title bar (‘Months’ Hierarchy).

3.   Select the Create New Member icon,
or right-click within the Member list box (on the left in the dialog box)
and select New.

4.   Type the <member name> over the currently highlighted text, e.g., type January over the highlighted text Untitled3).

5.   Press CtrlEnter.

6.   Type February in the Members text box and then press CtrlEnter.
The Member list box will appear as follows

Using this procedure, enter the remaining months of the year— these will be the Detail members in the Months dimension.

Next, you will create what will eventually be the Aggregate members for the Months dimension, which are the quarters and a Total Year, in the same manner (we say “eventually” because before a Hierarchy is created, all Members appear with the Detail icon—the number sign).

7.   Press CtrlEnter.

8.   Type 1st Quarter in the Members text box and press CtrlEnter.

9.   Type 2nd Quarter in the Members text box and press CtrlEnter.

10. Complete the Months dimension by adding 3rd Quarter, 4th Quarter and Total Year.

When you are done, the Member list box will appear as follows:



You can double click on a name, or use the right mouse button, to rename or delete a name in the Member list box.



If the Member names are not in the order you want, click and drag them to the desired position in the list.

Proceed to the next topic for the next step in Dimension design.