Arranging Slice Dimensions


To demonstrate how quickly and easily views can be changed, you will now arrange the Dimensions of this Slice to view data with Accounts as rows, Months as columns and Regions displayed as a page. Start by dragging and dropping the Dimension names into the Filter, Row and/or Column Labels section.


The steps below for rearranging the slice applies when you are using the Traditional slice view. However, you can still easily re-arrange the dimensions using the default slice view by dragging and dropping dimensions to the Rows, Columns and Headers.

1.   Select Months in the Filter box and drag it down to the Column Labels list box, below Accounts. [Note that a “nested” view is created, assuming you are operating in Automatic calculation mode.]

2.   Select Regions in the Row Labels list box and drag it up to the Filter list box.

3.   Select Accounts in the Columns Labels list box and drag it down into the Rows Labels list box.

By placing Regions in the Filter box, you display data for a single Member of the Regions dimension. The Page member you see when you first arrange a Slice is the Member at the top of that Dimension’s member list. In this case, the Slice grid displays the data for all Accounts and all Months for the Regions member Canada.

4.   From the PowerOLAP ribbon go to  Slice tab and select  Save Slice As command then type Accounts by Months in the Slice Name text box.

5.   Click OK.
You have created and saved a second Slice, Accounts by Months: