Closing a Database




The Close Database command located on the File command in PowerOLAP® closes an open database. When you have completed work within one database, you may still wish to work with another database. You must first close the currently open database before opening another database.


To close an open database:

1.   From the PowerOLAP application, click on the File icon and select the Close Database command.
If any Slices are open, PowerOLAP will prompt you to save Slices.

2.   Clicking Yes will save all database changes to disk and close the database file.
Clicking No will close the database file without saving any changes made to the database.
In either case, all open Slices will be closed along with the database.


As noted earlier, you can save and close any dynamically connected worksheet as a normal XLS file. Upon opening such a worksheet, when you press F9, PowerOLAP launches, and a spreadsheet system with OLAP cubes behind it, is ready for online, optimized planning / analysis / reporting.