Creating an Excel Worksheet


Excel Worksheet

One of PowerOLAP’s key features is that it enables you to create an Excel worksheet from a PowerOLAP slice. You can then work with data in Excel, utilizing all that product’s features and functions while maintaining a dynamic connection to the PowerOLAP database. This is why PowerOLAP® is credited with having a “spreadsheet front end”.


To create an Excel worksheet from the Accounts by Months slice:

1.   Open the corresponding slice (i.e., Accounts by Months).

2.   From the PowerOLAP ribbon, go to the Slice tab then click the Worksheet icon or the Create Excel Worksheet command and select an excel output (e.g., OLAPTable).
Alternatively, you may hit F8 or click on Create Excel Worksheet button.

PowerOLAP launches Excel (assuming it is not running), displaying the newly created worksheet. A new Excel worksheet appears, as follows:

The first few rows of the worksheet display information indicating the PowerOLAP database; the Cube; the Page Dimension member(s) that the Slice data shows (in the figure above, one Page Dimension, Regions, and United States is shown); and the Dimensions “Along Rows” and “Along Columns”.

The worksheet can now be saved as an XLS file via Excel’s Save command.


You can also create an excel worksheet by simply pressing the F8 key.