Creating Dimensions


Create a New Dimension

Dimensions are lists of related terms used to organize your data. Thus, a natural Dimension name for the Members January, February and March might be Months. Dimensions, in turn, are used to construct Cubes, the multidimensional structures in which you store and model data.


In the model we are about to create, we will define three Dimensions: Months, Accounts, and Regions.

Create the Months, Accounts, and Regions dimensions as follows:

1.   From the PowerOLAP ribbon, go to Model tab then in the Model control group select the Dimensions command.
      The Dimensions dialog box is displayed.

2.   Type the in the dimension text box.
For this exercise, begin by typing Months.

3.   Click Add.
The dialog box appears as in the following figure:

Next, Add the rest of the dimensions following the same steps.

4.   Type Accounts in the text box then click Add.

5.   Type Regions in the text box then click Add.

You can also use the Enter key in place of clicking the Add button to add Dimensions to the database.

Once you have entered all of the Dimensions above, the list box will appear as in the following figure:

6.   Click OK.
You are returned to the PowerOLAP main application window.